Price Plans

As a Vodafone Gold Partner, EE Premium Partner and O2 approved partner, The Word Telecom has the expertise to get your business connected with the perfect combination of minutes, texts and data.

Group Sharer

Simple and cost-effective, our Group Sharer plans let you buy a set monthly amount of minutes and texts, and share it with other users in the group. Highly flexible, the plans allow you to add data and easily alter the amount purchased as your business needs change.

You can also associate landline numbers with mobiles so customers can contact you whether you are in the office or on the move.

Unlimited Calls and Text Plans

Single user or group shared plans offering unlimited calls and texts to UK numbers for every user. Individual or shared data bundles can be added as required, providing a simple and easy to budget solution to your communication needs.


Embrace the “Internet of Things” (IoT) by connecting devices and machinery to your preferred network with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication. M2M has an increasing range of applications such as process automation and asset usage feedback, enabling your business to spot trends to exploit and problems to prevent more quickly than ever before.

One Net

Never miss a business opportunity with One Net, the intelligent call-routing system from Vodafone and The Word Telecom.

One Net is a unified cloud-based voice solution, enabling a single number to be used to reach you on any device. Taking advantage of Vodafone’s position as the only UK network with both mobile and fixed infrastructure, it offers integrated communications solutions that let you stay on top of things wherever you may be.

One Net Express

Suitable for up to ten users, One Net Express has an array of features to help you provide a superb customer experience. One free geographical number (with the option of more) offers your business a local presence wherever you are based, while hunt group support allows a single number to route to numerous users, making it easy to handle a large volume of calls.

One Net Express is quick to set up and requires no special installation, Capital Expenditure (CapEx) investment or ongoing maintenance contract.

One Net Business

All your communications delivered through one system, with one supplier and just one bill.

Suitable for businesses with over ten users, One Net Business integrates landline, mobile, tablet and desktop connectivity in one easy to use package. The same number appears to customers whatever device is used, while hunt groups intelligently route incoming calls to the relevant party wherever they are. The system is secure and reliable, with dedicated voice connectivity monitored 24 hours a day. And it is future proof, as ongoing updates ensure you always have the latest technology.

With all the features of One Net Express and more, you can start taking advantage of the benefits offered by One Net Business after a quick installation by our expert team.

One Net features:

  • Dual ringing on your landline and mobile phones. Customers can always use the same number to reach you – and there is no need to change your existing number.
  • Seamlessly integrated voicemail system. Handling your messages is simple – notifications and message deletion are synchronised across all a user’s devices.
  • Free calls within your business, including from landline to mobile.
  • Integrated call charges. Calls from fixed or mobile devices cost the same, enhancing staff mobility and mobile working
  • Hosted Solution offering low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and PBX functionality across all devices. No requirement to invest in expensive private networks as calls are routed to the hosted PBX and directed over the most cost-effective connectivity path.
  • Operates on all mobile devices. No need to invest in new high end devices
  • Uses existing Vodafone network, enabling any mobile device to access its core features, with one directory.

One Net Collaboration

One Net Collaboration combines the seamless communication benefits of One Net Business with the productivity and collaboration tools of Microsoft Office 365 and Lync, enabling incoming calls to be answered using fixed line, mobile phone, tablet or computer. Designed specifically for Small and Medium sized Enterprises, One Net Collaboration helps you improve the way your staff work, deliver a better experience for your customers and reduce expenditure all at the same time.

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